Lily Asian Bistro is looking for skilled cocktail bartenders and Head Bartender.

We are an Asian themed restaurant that has a spectrum of food that stretches across the continent, while also having drinks that are also inspired by countries all across this region of the world.

We are specifically looking for skilled individuals who would like a bit of a challenge, or even those willing to learn and grow into these positions.

For the bar side of things we have a menu of craft cocktails, ranging in skill range, yet simplified so that they can be executed quickly and consistently.

We are located on the tail end of the Red Mile and are expecting to get a good crowd! We even have a private dining space with a television that can broadcast the game too!

Tagged as: Bar Manager, Bartender

About Lily Asian Bistro

Asian inspired restaurant with an eclectic bao bar that can offer hundreds of combinations. See foods that are inspired across the region of Asia, and cocktails that are influenced by the people of Asia too!