Q: How much does it cost to list a job on YYCHOSPITALITY?

A: Check out our Plans and Pricing page for current prices!

Q: Where are the candidates located?

A: Currently, about 100% of jobseekers comes to Calgary and surrounding areas. Through our Food & Beverage, Bars and Gaming niche communities, your business will be allowed to browse through a diverse community of jobseekers.

Q: What are the BENEFITS with placing an ad with YYCHOSPITALITY?

A: Currently, about 100% of jobseekers comes to Calgary and surrounding areas.

Your Job Post will shared through our Food & Beverage, Bars and Gaming niche social communities

Your Hiring Managers are able to view a snapshot of a Jobseeker profile: picture, resume, job skills tags, social media links and even video and not just receive a mailbox filled with resumes.

You can search a candidate by job title or job skill tags, reducing your search time.

Your Job will viewed on a google map, which gives the jobseeker the accessibility of finding your place of business


Q: How is YYCHOSPITALITY different from other jobsites?

A: We are not just an aggregator search engine. We want to work with you to get to know your business work culture. While your browsing for jobseekers with specific skills and the “right” fit. We can send out and search for a pool of candidates through our industry partners. We cannot guarantee 100% fit, as you’re the final decision maker, but if you still cannot find the right candidate in a month, we will post your ad another month for free.

Q: What kind of response to my job listing can I expect?

A: There are some factors that affect the type of response you’ll get:

  • Are you looking for popular or specific skill set?
  • What type of compensation are you offering?
  • Remember to mention (schedule, pay, duties, benefits) that will attract applicants in your listing.
  • We do not allow MLM (multi-level marketing) or compensation based jobs. We have the right to refuse your job ad, if the job posting guidelines are not met.


Q: Can I edit my job posting after it goes online?

A: Absolutely! Just log in and browse to Employers –> Manage your posting and you can edit your job posting. This is also where you can find a list of all candidates who have applied to your job, including their resume, cover letter, contact information, etc.


Q: All this sounds great, but I’m still not sure if YYCHOSPITALITY is right for me. Will I find my right job candidate?  

A: Yes, we do. If you cannot find the right applicant or if the applicant does not work out for you in a month, YYCHOSPITALITY will repost your ad for an additional month. Your 100% satisfaction is our biggest concern Post a job today and let us do the work for you.